In-game Economy
The $SOULS token (Soul Shards) is being established as our primary token of value in our game, Solbound.
By playing the game, players will receive "soul fragments" as a form of in-game currency, which is used to mint and upgrade NFTs. The rate of soul fragments earned by players is greatly affected by a number of factors including but not limited to Hero (NFT) rarity, dungeon tier, quest types and more. Players can also opt into purchasing $SOULS and converting it into soul fragments in order to progress at a greater pace.
The $SOULS token can be acquired by:
  • Various ecosystem rewards
  • Staking rewards
  • Selling your NFTs to other players on the marketplace
  • Purchasing directly through an exchange
The $SOULS token is used for:
  • Staking
  • Participating in limited-time events
  • Purchasing other players NFTs on the marketplace
  • Marketplace fees
  • Converting into fragments
  • Restoring Hero Energy
Soul fragments is used for:
  • Awakening (minting) new Heroes (NFT)
  • Enchanting (upgrading) your NFTs
The number of fragments earned from converting $SOULS is yet to be decided, but will be carefully determined based on price and the rate of fragments received by playing the game.
To control the supply of the $SOULS token, during the conversion to soul fragments, $SOULS will be burned from the circulating supply. This provides a deflationary mechanic to the token which will change based on the supply & demand of our player base & community.
While our game is free to play, players are recommended to mint a hero or purchase one from the marketplace using $SOULS in order to fully enjoy the play to earn aspects of our game. While this requirement will start to introduce more and more NFTs into our ecosystem, this inflation will be controlled through the enchanting mechanics of our game, which involves the burning of NFTs in order to upgrade existing ones.
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