What is Solbound?

Solbound is a Roguelite P2E MMO game being built on the Solana ecosystem, where players can invest in their own NFTs and earn tokens that can mint future NFTs.

What blockchain is Solbound built on?

Solbound is being built on the Solana blockchain ecosystem.

What is a Genesis Solbound Hero?

A Genesis Solbound Hero is one of 8,888 Hero NFTs obtained during the Solbound mint.

How can I get a Genesis Hero?

Solbound will run a whitelisted mint followed by a public mint. These NFTs will serve as a token to claim your eventual in-game NFTs, and Hero holders can import their Hero and all their equipment into the game at character creation and enjoy all the benefits associated with owning a Solbound Hero NFT and more.
Some benefits of being an early supporter include but are not limited to early access to the game beta, exclusive NFT airdrops such as custom companions, the $SOULS token airdrop, and more.

How can I get in on the whitelist?

The first 1000 members of our discord are automatically eligible for the whitelist. Remaining slots will be made available through partner giveaways, snapshots, and given out via our discretion to active community members.

Will I need a Hero NFT to play the game?

There are benefits to owning an NFT, however all Free-2-Play (F2P) players will have a default male or female adventurer to choose from.

Who can play the demo?

The gameplay demo will be available to play for everyone, however early access beta of the game before launch will be exclusive to Genesis Hero NFT holders.

I still have questions!

We actively check our socials and are happy to answer any questions you might have! By following us you can also stay completely up-to-date with the development progress of Solbound.
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