Mind Fund Allocation
8,888 Genesis Heroes @ 1 SOL mint = 8,888 SOL
note: 120 Heroes are reserved for giveaways, early partners, etc. The following numbers are not 100% accurate and are only for representing a rough amount of how the funds are going to be allocated.
7200 SOL - Development
800 SOL - Community costs such as Giveaways, Airdrops*, Events, Charity, Community Mod reimbursement*, etc. (*where the majority of costs will be allocated towards)
88 SOL - Marketing, Promotions
800 SOL - Team
7288 SOL for development (~80%) 800 SOL for the team (~10%) 800 SOL for community costs (~10%)

Funds are allocated between three main groups; Project, Team & Community.

"Project" focuses on the core development of the project such as game development, marketing, blockchain implementation and tokenomics.
"Team" is the funds used to pay a "bonus" as well as act as reimbursement to the core team members.
"Community" includes cost of airdrops, future token allocations, & more.
7288 SOL @ $100 $728,800 This covers the net cost of "Solbound" game production for the minimum upcoming year
  • Partnering with a game development studio (Unity focused; Lavapop Games)
  • Salary of blockchain developers
  • Commissioning of external assets
  • Initial liquidity supply for $SOULS token
  • Marketing costs such as advertising,
The average cost to develop an "indie game" ranges upwards of $750,000 a year; a triple "i" game ranges from $1 million but less than $10 million.1 Solbound will not be categorized as a triple "AAA" title, but that does not mean we will compromise on quality or player experience.
Solbound integrates blockchain technology, which requires hiring higher-end developers to ensure swift development of the "Solbound" game without compromising on quality.
800 SOL From token airdrops, community giveaways, contests, events and charity, the majority of where these funds should go can be voted upon through the community.
In general, anywhere from $50,000~$100,000 USDC will be required for a sufficient/meaningful token airdrop, which will be pulled from either project royalties or project development funds if needed.
In addition to, our helpful community moderators should be compensated for their efforts and will be paid from these funds.
800 SOL This amount accounts for the reimbursement costs of start-up, team bonus as well as bringing the core members on full-time. Royalties being split between development & team, as well as future token incentives also allows for the team to continue focusing on the development of Solbound.
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